Embrace the now. Take action. The watch of those who seize the moment.


In every tick-tock lies the power to create your future. Our watches not only mark time, but the exact moment in which your decision can change everything. Because here and now is where tomorrow is forged. Are you ready to take control of your destiny?


Today we act without delay because we understand that the future is sculpted with each present decision. Every moment postponed is a lost opportunity. In this moment, we forge tomorrow. In this now, we commit to building our destiny with determination and courage.

We pride ourselves on being RELENTLESS.

Constant renewal

We think about collections that are iconic. We want your SETTIX to be unique.

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Taking action is not something for a few, we will get there wherever they are.

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Encrypted payment platform to maximize your security.

TIC TAC, join the movement

Time is not just a concept; It is a canvas for your ambitions. With our watches, you are not just buying a watch; you are investing in a memory so that you take action. Every second counts, and with our precision engineering, you'll never miss a beat. Elevate your journey, make every moment count, and take the step into your future today!